Debby Rice - Resume

Debby Rice, Resume



1st Place Association Universe MVP Awards

Scenario Building Creates a Resilient Future https://www.associat ... management

This post (ghostwritten), placed first in the 2020 Association Universe MVP Awards in the Association Management category.

2021 Gold Hermes Creative Award

.orgSource Blog https://enter.hermesawards.com/winners/

The blog that I ghostwrite won a 2021 Gold Hermes Creative Award.

Nonprofit Technology Newsletter's most popular post, third quarter 2021

Will Alexa Be a Regular at Your Future Meetings https://www.nonprofi ... ing-a-seat


Build a Mission Worthy Team

Texas Society of Association Executives Magazine, May/June 2024 https://www.associat ... eId1971886

I was the ghostwriter for this article.

To Unleash the Power of AI, Embrace a Digital Mindset

Forum, Inspiring and Informing Today's Association Professionals, May 2, 2024 https://forummagazin ... l-mindset/

I was the ghostwriter for this article.

Beyond Bronze, Silver, and Gold--Grow Success With Purpose

Vantage Point, Newsletter of the Wisconsin Society of Association Executives, April 2, 2024 https://association- ... iew/7DTYfJ

I ghostwrote this article.

Get More Out of AI--Start Chatting

Association Leadership, Texas Society of Association Executives, January 2024 https://www.associat ... eId1939158

I was the ghostwriter for this article.

Digital Ecology--Leadership in the Age of AI

Associations Evolve 2024, p. 8, December 2023 https://drive.google ... IWCTX/view

I was the ghostwriter for this article.

Don't Wait To Move the Rug

Associations Evolve 2023, 12/19/22

See page 30. I was the ghostwriter for this article.


Make the Connection That Matters, Use Technology To Build Culture

.orgCommunity website, 6/15/23 https://orgcommunity.com/resources-and-tools/

Thought leadership article ghostwritten for .orgCommunity and Impexium


A Delicate Balance, A Critical Conversation About Trust, Value, and Belonging

.orgCommunity website, 5/24/23 https://orgcommunity.com/resources-and-tools/

Output from .orgCommunity's Leadership ColLab event.


The Digital Mindset

.orgSource Website, October 2022 https://www.orgsourc ... he-future/


Succeed at the Speed of Business With the Right AMS

.orgCommunity website, July 2022 https://orgcommunity ... and-tools/


Transform Information Into Value

.orgSource website, November 2021


From Vendor to Partner

.orgSource Website, June 2021


Become the Association Your Members Want

.orgSource Website, May 2021


Blazing a Passage to Resilience

.orgSource Website, 2020



Fast Tracks

A Guide to Association 4.0 Leadership, August 2023

Part of a series of quick guides on various topics related to association and nonprofit management.


Blog Posts

.orgSource Blog


I have ghostwritten the blog posts for this consultancy to the association community since May 12, 2018.

Why College Students Should Resist the Urge to Skip Class

Study.com Blog, June 2019 https://study.com/bl ... class.html

How Parents Can Create Digital Citizenship Plans With Their Kids

Study.Com blog space, February 14, 2019 https://study.com/bl ... -kids.html

The Benefits of Taking Advantage of College Activities and Resources Over the Summer

Study.com, June 2019 https://study.com/bl ... ummer.html


Grant proposal, Alphawood Foundation

Funded at $25,000.00


Grant proposal, National Academy of Design, Abbey Mural Prize

Funded at $30,000.00


Grant proposal to the Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation

Chicago Public Art Group, April 2021

This proposal won a grant of $50,000. The highest amount the Donnelley Foundation awards.


American Academy of Periodontology Case Statement



Case for Support for the Foundation for Endodontics

American Association of Endodontists


General Business

Association 4.0: An Entrepreneurial Approach to Risk, Courage and Transformation

Business book https://www.amazon.c ... amp;sr=8-2

I was the ghostwriter for this book.

Association 4.0: Positioning for Success in an Era of Disruption

Preface to a business book


Taming the Information Jungle, a Profile of Peggy Winton, President and CEO, Association for Intelligent Information Management

Association 4.0--Positioning for Success in an Era of Disruption



Articles Produced for BKA Content

Product descriptions (perfume and engagement rings and blog post)



Friending the Devil

Novel https://www.amazon.c ... debby+rice

Chihuahua Karma

Novel https://www.amazon.c ... debby+rice